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Masks for Cornerstone Ministries

Today we received this request for help from one of our agency partners, Cornerstone Family Ministries in Tampa, FL. It appears that they sent this out before (before Easter) but apparently have not met the demand, so are asking for help again. If you can help, please follow their directions below. BY MONDAY we need to deliver 2,088 more Children’s Masks and 600 Teacher Masks. If you or someone you know can sew --- Please help us meet this need! The above need is just what we need by Monday. We will need 7,000 Children’s Masks and 2,000 Teacher Masks Total to meet all of the needs of our childcare centers…so you can not share this need too much! With your help we know we can meet Monday’s need Over the Easter weekend alone, 1,000 masks were made by only a few sewers. They were distributed right away! PLEASE email us today and let us know if we can count on you to help! Email us at Note: Preferred finished size masks for children are 6.5” x 3.5” (and no smaller than 5.5” x 3”) - Also, using ties instead of elastic makes the mask size adjustable. Click Here for a pattern you can use!

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